Best iPhone Stabilizer: The Smartest One for Your iPhone

Best iPhone Stabilizer: The Smartest One for Your iPhone
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Filming steady and professional-like videos using smartphones have never been easier in this day and age because of the many accessories that we are provided with. Gone are the days that we have to endure headaches due to poorly captured films. Today, a good phone camera and the best iPhone stabilizer or Android phone stabilizer are all you ever need for creating the most entertaining videos.

Well, it must be your lucky day for in this post we will discuss the top three iPhone stabilizers available on the modern market and everything you need to know about them. This article aims to help you decide which one should you get as your partner in capturing the best memories.

Best iPhone Stabilizer: Top Three Picks

Today’s technology left us with zero tolerance for unsteady content. This is why most of the time, we go for the best accessories given that we have the funds and the resources.

So, go ahead and read about the features, pros, and cons of the top three products on the market below.

Movo Action Video Stabilizing Handle Grip

The Movo Action Video Stabilizing Handle Grip is a simple mobile phone camera stabilizer best suited for filming low shots. This product mounts your device on mobile holder connected to a platform with the handle grip curving upward from behind it. The holder is adjustable and can fit different sizes of mobile phones. Its design is commonly used in filming extreme sports like skateboarding, BMX, and can even be used to shoot action stunts.



  • The product is approximately 9 inches by 9 inches by 4 inches and is a lightweight accessory at just 14.4 ounces.
  • The accessory also includes a ¼” tripod mount frequently used in SLR cameras.
  • The handle is attached with a rubber grip with finger grooves.


  • Lightweight at 14 ounces
  • Reduces the risk of fatigue
  • Rubber handle for a firmer grip perfect in filming for more extended periods
  • Handle is convenient for filming with just one hand
  • ¼-inch tripod mount can also be attached to a tripod if you wish to shoot from a higher perspective
  • Base of the stabilizer is flat which makes the device stand on its own that’s perfect for shooting steady videos by placing it on a platform.
  • Shoe mount for attaching other accessories like a microphone or light
  • Does not require batteries


  • The device’s base is a bit long and can obscure the view when filming with a mobile device.
  • The shoe mount can only accommodate one additional accessory which means you can’t attach a microphone and a light at the same time.

Viewflex Phone Video Kit VF-H7

The Viewflex Phone Video Kit VF-H7 is a mobile phone camera stabilizer that comes in a detachable two-handed grip with different kinds of mounts. The product mounts your mobile device on a clip that is attached to the handle perfect for recording videos using the main or the front camera.



  • The handle is battery-operated and includes a cable that connects to your mobile phone for recharging.
  • It has an adjustable connecting rod that connects to another handle for two-handed recording.
  • The connecting rod is equipped with a hot shoe mount, with the other one being movable.
  • The package includes a microphone and an LED Light.


  • The connecting rod can be detached from the main handle
  • Suited for one-handed recording since it turns into a monopod
  • Movable hot shoe mount which is perfect if you wish to adjust your mobile device while on the stabilizer
  • Hot shoe mounts are detachable which you can connect to the connecting rod or the main handle, whichever you prefer to put on your mobile device.
  • LED light can be clipped at the top of your mobile device which is perfect for direct lighting on your subject
  • Main handle has a ¼-inch thread at the bottom if you wish to connect it to a tripod


  • The handle is battery-operated, so you must always make sure you bring an extra battery to avoid inconvenience in the middle of filming.
  • The device may not be suited for low-perspective filming because of its structure.

Ulanzi Filmmaking Video Rig

The Ulanzi Filmmaking Video Rig is a mobile camera stabilizer that is perfect for two-handed video recording. It is a box type stabilizer that mounts the device in the middle, with the handle placed on each side. The clip on the middle of the stabilizer is adjustable and can fit a wide variety of mobile devices.



  • The stabilizer is approximately 12 inches by 5 inches by 2 inches and weighs at just 3.2 ounces.
  • It includes three cold shoe mounts that can be attached to the main frame of the accessory.
  • It also has 4 1/4” tripod threads.
  • The bottom of the frame also has a ¼” thread.


  • The amount of the mounts and threads allows the stabilizer to attach different accessories for a better quality of your film.
  • The weight of the stabilizer also reduces the risk of fatigue which is perfect for more extended periods of filming.
  • The thread at the bottom of the frame may be connected to a tripod which makes the stabilizer perfect for stationary video recording.


  • The package does not include LED light and microphones, so you would have to provide it on your own.
  • Single-handed filming is quite tricky since the structure of the stabilizer is explicitly made for a two-handed grip.

The Verdict

After careful investigation of all the features, which can we now consider as the best iPhone stabilizer?

The Viewflex Phone Video Kit VF-H7 includes a wide array of mounts and threads which perfectly targets all the concerns you may have. You can place your device anywhere on the stabilizer, and you can even connect it to a tripod with the handle having a ¼-inch thread at the bottom.

Camera stabilizers are perfect accessories for filming the best videos, and it will ultimately depend on what you’ll use it for. So pick up that mobile phone, connect it to your stabilizer, and we’ll be waiting for your world-class film!

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