Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer Review

Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer Review
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The name Zeadio is associated with high quality products, and this handheld stabilizer is regarded as one of their better camera stabilizers. The specs look impressive enough, but we can say that about a lot of products and they often fail to live up to the hype. Also, there are a lot of camera stabilizers that match the needs of some users but may not match yours.

Keeping that in mind, we went ahead and did an extensive review. We covered all the facts and the pertinent features as well as the pros and cons so you’ll know what you’re going to get. The following review details our experience with the Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer.

Features of the Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer

  • The Zeadio stabilizer is versatile and meant for use on different occasions. You can use this to record events and films like a pro.
  • The design makes it possible to shoot at low or high angles without any shaking of the camera.
  • All quality camera stabilizers are compatible with popular brands, and this is no exception. The Zeadio is going to work with all camcorder and cameras that have a 1/4-20 thread.
  • This stabilizer is built with emphasis on stability. By making simple adjustments to the settings, you can mount your camera and use it for snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, and other sporting activities.
  • The Zeadio is not only powerful but also comfortable to use. It is lighter than others.


  • Quick adjustments
  • Ideal for low angle shots
  • Provides great camera balance


  • Its performance is better with compact cameras than large ones.


The Zeadio may not look that different from other camera stabilizers, but performance-wise it does better than average. The instructions that come with the package are easy to follow, so you’ll be able to set it up in minutes.

Once the Zeadio has been put together, it’s just a matter of mounting your camera and making adjustments until the balance is right. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, getting the Zeadio to balance your camera should only take a few minutes.

Being a handheld, the Zeadio is comfortable to use and carry. Its construction is solid and suitable for professional film makers. Are you looking for a way to shoot low camera angles at a consistent basis? The Zeadio can deliver, giving your film a sleek, professional look.

The unit is also suitable for videographers as it improves stability without compromising performance. While you can use the Zeadio for any type of film, it is especially effective for action shots and sporting events. It is also a useful tool for shooting angles that would be hard to shoot without a stabilizer.


You can use the Zeadio as is and the results should come out fine, but there will be times when you will need to add a microphone, flash, or other accessories. Whatever you choose, the end result is the same: The shots are smoother and without unwanted motion.

One of the biggest problems when shooting on skateboards and while doing other sporting activities is getting the angle right. That is what a stabilizer is for. With it, you can shoot the film as you want and not be concerned about consistency.

If you have never used a stabilizer before, it is actually a lot easier than you might think. This is especially true for the Zeadio since it is made with simplicity in mind. And if you have used handhelds before, this is more effective in preventing shaky cam and giving your film a more polished appearance.

The useful features don’t end there. The Zeadio is compatible with an 80D camera, GoPro Hero 5, and even lets you use an adapter for your phone. The other thing we want to point out is that its handle is bigger than average. This is a good thing because it makes the Zeadio easier to work with.

The Zeadio is a very potent tool for camera balancing and making your films look better. It is also an excellent option for anyone who is studying how to make films without spending a lot of money.

While the Zeadio is a good choice for a beginner, it also has enough features to make it useful for an advanced user. If you shoot a lot of films and want to work with something simple, then this will also be worth a look as it allows you to focus on your work.


The Zeadio is a well-made camera stabilizer. Not only is it compatible with a lot of well-known action cameras, but it is also a fit with camcorders, so you can shoot the way you want. For these reasons and its versatility, we give the Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer our highest recommendation.

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