Zhiyun Crane V2 Review

Zhiyun Crane V2 Review
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Something light, convenient, easy to use, and no fuss –such is every videographer’s ideal stabilizer, and such is Zhiyun Crane and even more. It comes with a good number of cool features that allow you wide scope for creative filming, combined with an ease of use and a great sense of utility.

Features of the Zhiyun Crane V2:

  • 3-axis 360 degree rotation
  • 5-way joystick
  • App and wireless remote control
  • 2 battery type options, 6-12 hours of working battery life
  • Easy to use, tool-free mounting system


The Zhiyun Handheld Gimbal Crane has three axes with three hundred and sixty degrees unlimited rotation. This means that the device is free to give you all the freedom you need when shooting from a wide variety of angles that would otherwise be quite difficult to achieve.

This means you have a lot of room for creativity and so that you will be able to stretch your imagination and create truly revolutionary shots that are unique and eye-catching to evoke the emotion you want to convey with certain scenes. This is made possible with built in compact slip rings which allow infinite rotation.

To be able to easily adjust the angles that you want, the device comes with a 5-way joystick that enables you to effectively and easily adjust angles and switch modes depending on what you need and how you need them.

With this gimbal, not only do you have all the freedom to create great videography but you will also be able to do so with ease since the five-way joystick enables you to do this easily. You can work seamlessly and effortlessly, knowing that you have such user-friendly controls that allow you to work effectively and easily.

For even more ease of use, the Zhiyun Crane Handheld Gimbal uses application and wireless remote for better control, even at distance. With the use of the app, you will be able to keep your stabilizer updated at all times so that you are assured of quality output every single time.

The controllers are Zihyun’s very own so you can be assured of authenticity and compatibility of the program provided so that it is assured to work for you anytime. Nothing can be better than trustworthy gadgets when filming so this is a vital aspect to consider when programming.

You can use either a 18650 or a 26650 battery with this model. It can function for a total of six hours with active use with the 18650 type and twice that amount of time with the 26650. You can choose between the two battery types depending on how long you plan on shooting.

If your filming times are usually variable, it would be best to opt for the 26650 type so that you are always battery-ready no matter the circumstance. The 18650 would make for a good spare battery or emergency battery while charging your main battery.

Mounting your camera on this stabilizer is easy as pie. That is because mounting your device requires no tools whatsoever, so you will be saved from the hassle of having to bring screwdrivers or other tools that are usually required with other camera stabilizers.

It has a thumb screw design so that all you will need in order to screw your camera into place would be your hands. You can make adjustments within seconds, finish mounting within minutes, and dismount your camera with a snap of a finger.


Although this handheld gimbal is supposed to be able to support cameras weighing up to 1800 grams, a few previous users argue that it has not been able to support such weights that go beyond 1000 grams. While this is no big disadvantages for many casual cam owners since many newer cameras are built a lot smaller and lighter than their older contemporaries, owners of bigger and heavier cameras might beg to disagree.


Despite the weight issue, the Zhiyun gimbal is still a good product to have, especially if you have fairy light cameras and want something techy and easy to use. Its user interface and access points are a great plus factor since you want ease of use when it comes to filming.

The tool-free mounting is also a great feature that will add more convenience to you, especially when shooting in different areas where bringing extra tools might be cumbersome.

First handheld gimbal with camera control interface.

First to achieve MCU parallel control: The industry’s first to achieve 32-bit×3 MCUs (Microcontroller Units) running in parallel at 4k hertz.

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