Best Tripod for DSLR Videos: A Must-Have Videography Equipment

Best Tripod for DSLR Videos: A Must-Have Videography Equipment
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A tripod is a piece of indispensable equipment when it comes to making videos using DSLRs. It helps you keep the camera still to get rid of camera shakes, and keep the framing stationary when taking long videos. It is a piece of great equipment to help you expand your range of videography techniques. Interested? Read on and find out which is the best tripod for DSLR videos!

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

The AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag is a lightweight tripod that is easy to carry around at its weight of three pounds. It comes with a carrying bag, too, which doesn’t weigh you down too much for you to think twice about having to bring it along.

The tripod is easy to put up, and with the lock-release design, it can be easily disengaged allowing you to glide the legs to your desired height easily. The center post can be extended to reach a maximum height of 60 inches. And the rubber ends of the legs help the tripod maintain balance and proper position. These rubber feet adjust to achieve the appropriate position.

A built-in bubble level just above the legs is helpful in determining whether the base is level, and another one is provided at the camera plate to provide you with the leveling of the camera itself.  Meanwhile, the mounting plate has a quick-release feature for easy transitions between handheld operations and shots using the tripod. It is compatible with most cameras that come with the standard tripod mount. 

The head has a 3-way adjustment, which means you have to release three locks to change the direction of the camera if it involves three planes of movements. Having the 3-way adjustment feature can be helpful in keeping the shot stable if you only wish to follow a single line of motion.

The tripod has a maximum weight capacity of six pounds which cover most standard DSLRs body and kit lenses but may not be suitable once you start putting on those big and bulky telephoto lenses. The tripod can be stowed away in a folded length of 25 inches, which is a bit longer than other tripods.


  • Lightweight at three pounds
  • Rubber feet
  • Compatibility with most cameras
  • Carrying case included
  • Two built-in bubble levels
  • Quick-release mounting plate
  • Extended length of 60 inches


  • 3-way head
  • Carrying capacity of six pounds
  • Storage length of 25 inches


MACTREM PT55 Travel Camera Tripod

The MACTREM PT55 Travel Camera Tripod is made of aluminum, metal and plastic parts. It has a folded length of 20 inches for easy storage. This tripod has a maximum height of 55 inches which is shorter compared to some. It weighs just 2.61 pounds making it easy to carry around, and it also comes with its carrying case for convenience and safe storage.

It has a 3-way head and may be modified with a double holder for an optional panhead. These features allow for changes to the camera’s orientation so that you could get the shots at the angles that you want. This also keeps the camera steady, so you know that your gear is safe.

The tripod has the quick-release plate which helps in easy transition between different shots. This also makes moving from one spot to the next fairly easy.

The legs have four sections and have level locks. These allow you to set up the tripod on top of uneven surfaces. It is also equipped with rubber feet to ensure that the tripod remains stable on any surface.


  • High-quality materials
  • Lightweight at 2.61 pounds
  • Compact storage
  • Double holder for optional panhead
  • Quick-release plate
  • Lever-lock legs
  • Rubber feet
  • Storage length of 19.7 inches


  • 3-way head
  • Weight capacity of 11 pounds
  • Maximum height of 55 inches


K&F Concept 62-inch DSLR Tripod

The K&F Concept 62-inch DSLR Tripod packs a lot of features yet is compact in height, coming in at 18.1 inches, which can be extended up to 62 inches. It is lightweight, tipping the scales at 2.99 pounds. That’s less than the combined weight of four cans of drinks!

The legs have quick-flip locks that can be opened and closed with just one hand. This makes it easy to use and makes for a fast set up. It also comes with a spring self-locking tube angle adjustment knob, that helps to adjust the angles of the tripod tubes quickly. The ball head keeps the cloud platform stable and allows the camera to rotate smoothly. It also comes with a 360-degree scale at the bottom of the platform, which helps make easy panoramic shots.

This tripod has bigger weight capacity, pegged at 22 pounds, which means you can use it for those heavy telephoto lenses. Although, you might have to get additional mounts to accommodate that.


  • Lightweight at 2.99 pounds
  • Compact height is 18.1 inches
  • Maximum height is 62 inches
  • Flip-leg lock
  • Spring self-locking tube angle adjustment knob
  • Ball head with a 360-degree scale
  • Stretchable hook for stability
  • Quick-release plate
  • Bubble level
  • Portable carrying bag
  • Magnesium alloy material
  • Weight capacity of 22 pounds
  • Can handle large telephoto lenses
  • Invertible central axis


  • Needs an additional mount for telephoto lenses


Best Tripod for DSLR Video: Verdict

All these tripods provide great features that can help you make those amazing videos with your DSLR. They have similarities with most of the features but edge each other out with their unique qualities.

The AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag brings about some of the features that we have come to expect out of professional-level equipment. However, it seems to be lacking in terms of the weight capacity, which limits the type of camera set up that you can have on it. The MACTREM PT55 Travel Camera Tripod has a bigger capacity but comes short in terms of the maximum height. 

Meanwhile, the K&F Concept 62-inch DSLR Tripod offers unique features that the others do not have, such as the Panorama Ball Head and a central axis that can be inverted. This tripod outperforms the rest in a side-by-side comparison. This makes the K&F Concept 62-inch DSLR Tripod the best tripod for DSLR videos.

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