How to Attach Camera to Tripods?

How to Attach Camera to Tripods?
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A tripod can help us take pictures better pictures. It keeps the camera steady, and free from shaking, which our hands may be prone to, which results in clearer images. There are also many techniques in photography that require keeping the camera in its position for long periods, which is impossible using our bare hands, so a tripod will come handy in these situations. Fortunately, using a tripod is simple enough. Learn here how to attach camera to tripods, and how to set it up.

Why Use a Tripod?

Sometimes, no matter how much we stay still, the pictures that we take still come out blurred or shaky. This is because of the small movements of our body, or the unsteadiness of our arms and hands. These shaking episodes that our bodies make are so small that we hardly notice them, so it comes as a surprise when pictures come out hazy. And in these cases, a tripod comes in handy

A tripod isn’t limited to keeping our shots blur-free. It also helps us hold the camera for complex shots that isn’t possible to do with just our bare hands, like when using telephoto lenses, when taking long exposure shots, or when taking pictures at night.

A telephoto lens can be really heavy, and simply holding it up can tire you easily making your arms wobbly. Meanwhile, long exposure shots sometimes take minutes to hours, and it’s physically impossible to hold the camera that long. Likewise, night shots may also require keeping the camera in its position for long periods. The camera is particularly sensitive to any shaking, so a tripod can make it easier to get these shots.

How to Attach Camera to Tripod?

  • Check Your Equipment’s Compatibility

Most cameras nowadays can be attached to a tripod. Double check if your camera has the tripod mount at the bottom. This is a small depression, usually made of metal, and has screw threads. Some cameras don’t have it, especially the smaller ones. Check the specifications of the mount as there can be different varieties. Most DSLRs use a standard mount so it is easier to match with a tripod.

  • Install the Camera Plate

Before you can put the camera plate onto your camera, you’d have to take it off your tripod first. The camera plate is attached to the tripod on the topmost portion. This is a flat piece of plastic or metal which has a screw attached to it. This screw goes into the tripod mount of your camera.

Look for the release button or lever near the camera plate, and slide it off the tripod. Attach the plate to the camera via the screw to the mount, and keep the plate flat, and the edge perpendicular to the edges of the camera. Make sure that the screw fits tightly onto the mount.

Not all tripods would have a camera plate. In simple models, you’d see the screw right on top of the tripod, and that means you’d have to screw on camera directly to the tripod.

  • Level the Tripod

Pull out the legs of the tripod, and set it on the ground. It should stand steady for you to be able to use it. Secure the locks before you put the camera on to the tripod. You don’t have to keep it perfectly level, but make sure it is well balanced. You can make adjustments to the camera later on while you take your shots. If your tripod has a bubble level, then use that to level your tripod, or you can use a separate level.

  • Mount the Camera

Slide the camera onto the tripod with the use of the camera plate. Slide it where you took them off earlier. You’d hear a click once the plate is in place. This is the lock engaging the plate. Check that the plate doesn’t move before you start using the camera. Make sure that it doesn’t come off or you might end up dropping your camera.

Using Multiple Cameras and Multiple Tripods

In an effort to become more efficient and be better at taking your shots, you might end up using several pieces of equipment at the same time. When you take your photography to this level–where several cameras and tripods have to be used–it is important to make sure that they all work together seamlessly.

However, this can be troublesome as using several tripods which require you to take them apart each time you need to use them. This is where universal camera plates come in handy. Most professional tripods use camera plates that are interchangeable. This means you can attach your camera plates to all of your cameras, and not worry about whether it will fit in the tripod when you try to mount it.

Setting up several tripods allows you to mix up the cameras that you’d use for each shot. It also allows you to take the camera off the tripod if you wish to carry the camera instead. You can also move to another angle pretty quick if you have another tripod waiting and ready, saving you time, especially if you have limited time to work. The time it takes to take the tripod off,  set it up and level it at another spot can make you miss the shot that you want to take.


A tripod can be a great addition to your photography arsenal. They help you take shake-free pictures and allow you to expand your range in terms of kinds of photos you can take. They also help you hold up your gears, that can become quite heavy, once you bring in those big special lenses. So, how to attach camera to tripods?

First, check first if your camera has the proper tripod mount. It’s a small hole at the bottom, that has screw threads in it. It is usually made of metal. Next, take off the camera plate from the tripod, and screw it tightly onto the tripod mount of your camera. Put up your tripod, make sure it is balanced, and level it. Then slide the camera with the plate into place, and check that it is securely locked. Finally, loosen the locks on the tripod to allow you to point the camera to the direction you want, lock it back in, and start taking your photos.

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