How to Keep Camera Steady While Walking?

How to Keep Camera Steady While Walking?
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Back to yesteryears, shooting good videos require good video cameras. However, in this day and age when every single person has access to a good camera at the reach of their pockets, taking film-perfect videos is not as impossible as it may seem. The technique just transitioned from hiring professionals to shoot the video and incorporate effects into it to simple things like practicing and mastering how to keep camera steady while walking.

Additionally, features you only see in DSLR cameras before are now also in smartphones. And although professional cameras will always deliver top-quality performance, mobile cameras have one significant advantage, and that is they are easily accessible, and almost everyone carries one with them.

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when you’re walking down an alley while listening to a good song, feeling like you’re in a movie, and all you want is to take that moment with you and lock it in a capsule? Well, technology found a way to make that easy and that is through a push of a button on your smartphone. Pair this with an accessory called camera stabilizer and you’re all set!

What Is a Camera Stabilizer?

With a variety of smartphones with good-quality cameras available on the market, many people have developed the habit of making vlogs. And if you are one, then you know that blurry videos are a vlogger’s worst enemy.

It’s hard to keep your viewers entertained if it takes them twice as hard to watch your content. And if you’ve been making videos for quite some time, then you know that losing subscribers is a major heartbreak. So to fix your problem with shaky videos, use a camera stabilizer!

A camera stabilizer is a device with the sole purpose of keeping your camera in place to avoid unnecessary movements. You can try filming with your hand if you feel like it but believe us, for those one-in-a-million shots, you will need a steadier mount than your hand.

Something as small as a smartphone is susceptible to movements, and a camera stabilizer prevents it from happening. Basically, a camera stabilizer has a mount or a frame where the mobile phone is placed. There are different types of camera stabilizer with some having more features than others.

The most basic stabilizers are made only to hold the camera in place, but for some more advanced versions, features like a microphone attachment, lighting mounts, and even a power supply, are added.

How to Keep Camera Steady While Walking?

Camera stabilizers use the gimbal mechanism which consists of many rings that rotate on a certain angle. This mechanism helps the camera stabilize by pivoting around the device mounted to it.

The gimbal mechanism was first widely used in compasses and was further incorporated in drones for stabilizing aerial videos. With the success of remote-controlled drones, it was then integrated into handheld mounts.

By using a complex system of electronics, the sensors recognize any unnecessary movement from the three axes of the stabilizer and are canceled out by the motors attached to it. Basically, with the help of physics, this system acts as a watchful protector of your device that eliminates any sudden jolts from affecting the camera during filming.

This is just for the purpose of producing steady videos despite the sensitivity of a smartphone to motions. For some camera stabilizers, you can have the capability to record sounds with a microphone that magnifies the sound from a certain source. Sometimes, your mobile phone’s camera flash is not enough to highlight your subject, and that’s why a feature like the mounted lighting on a stabilizer can prove to be very useful!

How Are Camera Stabilizers Maintained?

Professional videographers treat their camera accessories with utmost care because it is one of the main reasons how they’re able to produce content that surely gets the viewers hooked! So if you want to keep capturing the greatest memories, either for yourself or other people, maintaining the jaw-dropping awesomeness of your film means maintaining your camera accessories like a pro!

Tip 1: Get a storage for your stabilizer.

Camera stabilizers come in boxes when you avail one. This is to protect the product from the hazards of delivery. But these boxes can also serve as storage for your stabilizers when you’re not using them. This will not last longer than you want it to, especially if you use your stabilizer on a regular basis. So if you’re unsatisfied, or hesitant to use this, try looking for a bag or a used bag with a hard casing to utilize as storage.

Tip 2: Avoid wet areas.

Camera stabilizers use electronics to function so make sure to avoid wet areas. If you’re filming near a load of water, bring a dry towel with you to wipe the moist or a few splashes to keep the water from reaching the insides of your stabilizer.

Tip 3: Keep it in storage when not used.

Once you’re done the filming, or on a break from recording, packing it inside your storage wouldn’t hurt!

The Conclusion

So, after our discussion about how to keep camera steady while walking, we should now be guided on how we can add improvements to our films. With all the technological advances around us, it is a thousand times easier to capture your film-perfect content than, say, a decade ago. And with all the things that are happening in our lives, there will definitely be something to share with other people.

Whether it is a silly kid doing something funny, an action-packed moment that shouldn’t be missed, or a video to compliment some great music, it would be a waste if you weren’t able to catch it on film! So if you’re going to entertain people, entertain them at your best! Use a camera stabilizer to create steady videos!

Always keep in mind that how you take care of your accessories reflects how much you take care of your content and your viewers. After all, a steady video means a steady entertainment. Also, we all have something to share, and all of us want to be shared something. It is this pure moment of entertainment that keeps us all connected. And for the best connection, use the best equipment!

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