Neewer Foldable DSLR Review

Neewer Foldable DSLR Review
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If you want something that adjusts according to your needs, you might want to consider this Neewer Foldable DSLR Rig. Versatile, convenient, and comfortable –it has basically everything you need from a stabilizer, and even more.

Features of the Neewer Foldable DSLR:

  • Transformable design
  • Double handle
  • Designed for the convenience of the camera operator
  • Flexible and easy to use or carry
  • With various interfaces
  • Able to mount other accessories


With a fully transformable design, the Neewer Foldable DSLR Rig Movie Kit Film Making System is able to adapt to your every need while on the scene.

You can adjust it to use as a handheld stabilizer or use the shoulder mount and carry it on your shoulder for prolonged shooting and for better comfort for a longer period of time. You can even fold it up for carrying or storage, making it truly a work of art that you can transform and adjust according to your most current needs.

It does not get any more flexible than this. You can extend your camera in many directions as you need it while still maintaining comfort and carrying ability.

It has nifty double handles that allow you to carry it with more ease and comfort and that makes shooting steadier and more accurate.

The double handles also allow you to carry it for longer without experiencing fatigue. There is even an extendable rear arm so that you can allow for more shoulder support to make carrying even more comfortable than it already is.

No more shaking or that prickling sensation of carrying a camera for too long –with this device you can be free to carry your camera with sturdy stability and balance even for prolonged periods of time for that perfect frame at all times and the perfect wrap-up shot.

As you can tell, the Neewer Foldable DSLR Rig Movie Kit Film Making System is designed for the convenience of the camera man or the videographer. Shooting has never been this easy. You can see it with the rotatable and adjustable handles that whatever angle you need to capture, you can do so in comfort and convenience.

Also, the hand grips on this device are lined with non-slip rest pads so that you can comfortably rest your hand without endangering your equipment. This stabilizer is truly built for the wise videographer.

Since it is portable, you can expect that it folds quite nicely and is light in weight. You can easily carry it around with you without it weighing you down unlike other camera gear that can be quite bulky and heavy.

This is especially useful if you are shooting in different locations and need gear and equipment that are portable and easy to bring around. Even when you are traveling, this camera stabilizer is also a great advantage since it will not take up too much space and weight in your bag.

Not only is it compact, convenient, and easy to use, it is also packed with other useful features such as many different interfaces that can connect not just to the camera but also to video lights, LCD monitor screens, supporting frames, and other equipment like microphones.

This is because it comes with a lot of quarter inch screws that are specifically built in order to easily accommodate most if not all of your needed accessories in one stabilizer. You can easily have all the mounting you need with the Neewer Foldable DSLR Rig Movie Kit Film Making System.


While this camera stabilizer is indeed compact and has a great design that is useful and versatile, others still question its durability and sturdiness.

There have been a few complaints about the joints being too loose and the parts moving around too much for their liking. A good camera stabilizer should be rigid enough to actually stabilize a camera and not move it around too much.

Yet again, as will many camera stabilizers, parts do move since they move to stabilize the frame you are capturing, and sometimes, it only takes a bit of practice to use the movement to your best advantages when capturing a scene.


If comfort and versatility are what you are looking for from a camera stabilizer, you should definitely go for Neewer Foldable DSLR Rig. There are various functions and features that are simply too good to miss out on with this model such as the different accessory mounts, the portability and folding ability, as well as the comfort features too.

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