RALENO Handheld Stabilizer Review

RALENO Handheld Stabilizer Review
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The efficiency and reliability of handheld stabilizers have made them increasingly popular in the world of photography, be it for an amateur or a professional. It works on the same principle of three rotating axes that are independent of each other, except that focal points allow each axis to rotate, flip and whatnot. This particular principle allows the user to gain more image stability regardless of the terrain or the application that the camera is being used for.

Several models have proven that a stabilizer can minimize the shakes that are often found around the edges of the picture. Moreover, it also allows the camera to be placed in awkward positions while still being able to capture images as if you had both feet on the ground with arms akimbo.

Interested in getting one of your own? Check out the RALENO Handheld Stabilizer. It is one such stabilizer that can be used for a variety of applications, and it weighs close to nothing at all!

RALENO Handheld Stabilizer

The Raleno camera stabilizer comes with a carrying case, quick-release plates, six pieces of weight and a hex wrench for quick installations and fast modification.


This stabilizer also comes with the following features:

      • Optimal Portability

The construction of the Ralena Stabilizer is considerably less bulky and feels much lighter, weighing in at about 6.6 lbs, including the additional weights and plates. This is just enough weight to provide stability while not taking too much effort from both of your arms.

      • Quick-Release Plate

This camera stabilizer set comes with a quick-release plate that is two-way and is completely adjustable in whatever direction you may so choose. The mounting pan can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal direction, while its laser precision scale ensures that each adjustment is accurate.

      • Durable Materials

The poles and the arms of the Raleno Stabilizer are made of high-strength aluminum alloy which is considerably lighter and more durable than standard stabilizer metal frameworks. The minimal weight of the whole contraption means lesser chances of camera fatigue.

      • Multi-Angular Shooting

The laser precision scale of the adjustable plates, combined with the low-friction joints and the precision bearings of this stabilizer make it easy to get those high-angled shots while the same can be said for low-angled and bent-over shots.

      • Reduced Shakes

The handheld stabilizing system was designed with the intention of minimizing shakes while using sensitive camera equipment. This translates to better images with high-contrast backgrounds and high-quality videos that capture all the details that you need, depending on the application.

      • Well-Balanced Adjustments

The Relano stabilizer comes with six removable weights of varying weights that work with the bubble levels located all around the framework, giving you a better sense of how balanced the contraption would be in any position possible.

      • Telescopic Height

The central support pole of the Relano Stabilizer can extend from a base height of about 16 inches to a maximum of 24 inches, giving you all the proper angles that you can think of, using the poles as a telescope for getting that hard-to-reach angle.

      • Less Arm Strain

For the reach that the Relano Stabilizer has, it has a minimal weight which places less strain on the arms that guide the stabilizer in every shoot, which then results in a longer use and exposure if needed.


  • Durable construction

  • Sturdy framework

  • Well made support

  • Just enough weight to provide stability

  • Places less strain on the arms

  • Works well with any camera

  • Convenient to use

  • Bubble levels are a nice touch

  • Adjustable with accurate adjustments

  • Makes high- and low-angled shots and bent-over shots easy


  • Balancing it takes practice

  • Mechanics can be simpler

  • Plates are hard to adjust


The RALENO Handheld Stabilizer is a lightweight solution for your shake-free imaging needs, especially since it comes with attachments that let it be used with any other camera. The portability and durability of its high-quality aluminum frame coupled with low-friction joints let you use the camera in any direction, in any orientation.

The additional weights ensure that balance is maintained, although it may take time before you can master the transitions which you can also say for almost any handheld stabilizer. The included hex key and carrying case make the whole product portable and easy to adjust in a pinch.


Similarly built is the SUTEFOTO S40 Handheld Stabilizer which can support DSLRs and action cameras alike. This stabilizer also comes with its carrying case with different weights to keep your balance in check.

The central support of this stabilizer can be adjusted from 11.6 inches to 15.7 inches which is a little shorter than the telescopic pole of the Relano Stabilizer. This stabilizer also supports omnidirectional shooting, and its quick-release plate has different screw holes to support various applications which is pretty much the same with any camera stabilizer like the Relano Stabilizer.

The framework of both stabilizers are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and both products are also coated with black powder which makes them light and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, the friction joints and bearings of this stabilizer work following the same principles as the Relano Stabilizer, and the adjustable weights of both camera stabilizers allow high- and low-angle shooting while maintaining a shake-free stance.


The RALENO Handheld Stabilizer is meant for all applications and can be used by any user of any level, be it a hobbyist or a professional camera person. Its features make it easy to bring along random shoots and even specialized ones, while its overall weight makes it convenient for anybody to use in any angle possible.

The RALENO Handheld Stabilizer is also perfect for any set-up including sports and action modes. It’s precision adjustment features lets you play with your orientation while the additional weights ensure that everything remains balanced and shake-free as you shoot.

On the other hand, the SUTEFOTO S40 Handheld Stabilizer is more suited for compact applications, which includes action cameras, especially with its small size and lightweight feature. Its different modes give it a more flexible vibe although a crucial thing to keep in mind is that one small adjustment can throw a wrench into the balance.


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