Roxant Pro Video Stabilizer Review

Roxant Pro Video Stabilizer Review
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You have probably seen more than a few camera stabilizers claiming to have the same features as the Roxant Pro. We have too, but after comparing them with the official Roxant Pro, it is safe to say the original is still the best.

It is better than its imitators, but how well does it compare with the rest of the competition? Several high quality video camera stabilizers have been released, so does the Roxant Pro have what it takes to stand up to them? That’s what we’ll try to find out here.

Features of the Roxant Pro Video Stabilizer

  • The Roxant Pro offers full compatibility with the major brands. It works with Nikon, Canon, GoPro, and smartphones.
  • The stabilizer is made of durable materials so it’s going to last a long time and handle heavy duty use.
  • The Roxant Pro uses pro stabilization style. This mechanism better reduces the shaking and motion compared to the standard camera stabilizers.
  • It has a no slip grip so you have full control over how it works.
  • The Roxant Pro has full support for cameras under 2.1 pounds.
  • There are three counterweights in the stabilizer so you can adjust it with precision.
  • The stabilizer is designed with different users in mind. It is suitable for shooting independent films, skating, and smooth or tight shots.


  • Ideal for low angle shots
  • Easy to configure
  • Compatible with popular cameras


  • Takes some getting used for beginners


The Roxant Pro is easy to use. The instructions explain how to connect it with your camera and make adjustments to the tilt and pan. Tweaking the camera to suit your needs is also straightforward. The indie film maker you can use this to take smooth shots and limit shaking and jerkiness.

The Roxant Pro is ideal for taking shots while walking and skateboarding. The stabilizer is also effective for precision shots in vehicles, on stairs, and in confined spaces. Ordinarily this leads to shaking, but with this stabilizer, those problems have been eliminated.

Compatibility is another strength of the Roxant Pro. As mentioned earlier, it works perfectly well with cameras up to 2.1 pounds. Setting it up to use with GoPros, video cameras, DSLRs, and point and shoots is straightforward too.

No matter which camera you use, the grip handle makes the Roxant Pro comfortable to hold. Its three counter weights provide precision options if you’re particular about the shots you want to take. The Roxant Pro nonslip grip handle is as good as advertised as it prevents sway.

Its pro stabilization style works as well as expected. The shots are steadier than handhelds, and this stabilizer goes far in giving you a professional-looking shot. If you’re into filmmaking, this is the kind of stabilizer you’ll need.

Because it is compatible with a lot of cameras, it leads to a professional-looking output. Its system works well and doesn’t shake like other units. The design also reduces fatigue. Even if you’re shooting for long stretches it’s not going to wear you down. The tilt, pan, and balance options are very good and simplify tight and unusual angle shots.


Setting up only takes a few minutes because the instructions are clear. Its counterweights do what they’re supposed to, allowing you to adjust the precision levels. As a lot of users have pointed out, the stabilizer works with the Canon Rebel and similar models, so setting up is going to be straightforward.

For all its features and capabilities, the Roxant Pro isn’t that heavy and provides a lot of options for adjusting the camera. It may look complicated at first, but the process is really easy. If you have a standard DSLR, just keep all the counterweights on. You can adjust the DSLR position, front to back or side to side.

You have to re-balance if you’re changing the lenses, but that isn’t so hard to do, given the clarity of the instructions. If you’re new to camera stabilizers, you’ll still find this easy to use. Some people may find the gimbal friction too high, and there’s not enough rotational inertia when the unit is unpacked.

Even so, it only takes minutes to adjust the settings. Durability level is high and the machining is top of the line. There’s padding along the leg which also acts as weight support. You can adjust the camera and handle placement, the size and number of free weights, and the weight arm length, too.


The Roxant Pro faces a lot of competition, but it holds up well thanks to its design, durability, and flexibility. Its compatibility with a lot of popular brands makes it an excellent choice for beginners. At the same time, the Roxant Pro has enough features to satisfy advanced users who need flexibility.

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